Particulars BBG ULD 1491 EA Particulars Election Special Landline Plan 1500
Bandwidth 4Mbps upto 70 GB, 2 Mbps beyond FMC 1500
Applicability All users of Election Authority Free Calls 1500 MCUs on Landline & Mobile of any N/W within India
Monthly Charges (Rs) 1491 Call Charges after free MCUs Rs. 1 per MCU on Landline & Mobile of any N/W within India
Annual payment option (Rs.) 11XFMC NA Registration Charges Rs.500/-
Annual payment option (Rs.) 21XFMC NA Instakllation Charges Rs.600/-
Three years payment option (Rs.) 30XFMC NA CLIP Instrument Charges Rs.600/- (Including Tax)
Download/Upload Limit (GB) Per month Unlimited Advance Rental for Two Months Rs.3000/-
Addl. Usage charges/MB beyond free D/L U/L limit (Rs.) NA Minimum Hiring Period 2 Months
Free calls (within BSNL N/W only) As per existing Landline Plan

MCU charges/Pulse in Rs. Note: If Hiring Period is more than 2 months, then advance rental shall be charged for whole period.
Free E- mail Ids/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB

Security Deposit 2 Months Charges

Minimum Hire Period 2 Months Charges

Static IP One @ Rs.2000/- Additional charges

Modem Charges ( Modem On Rent) NA

Modem Charges (Modem On Outright Purchase) Prevailing Outright Purchase charge

Note: The New BB Plan for Election Purpose on PAN India basis w.e.f 16-10-2015